7 Steps To Overcome Breakup In A Positive Way

did you know 70 % of people breakup get them depression and loneliness?
here are 7 simple steps to overcome breakup in a very positive way.

1. Don’t feel self-pity


whether it has happened because of cheating or left. we tend to always feel self-pity for ourselves. we tend to always attempt to find our mistakes that cause breakup in our relationship. once we discover it we tend to blame our self.

we forget that in life that failure is usually gonna happen not only in just breakups. you can’t blame yourself and ask God why you?.

you are beautiful being and awesome no one is such as you.

don’t worry about the person that left you.

excited about the person that is about to come.

2. Accept it and doesn’t try to forget or forgive


the next step is to simply accept that your relationship is ended. I know it’s hard to hear however it’s true and no-one has the ability to change it.trying to forgetting or forgiving things make your situation additional worse.

because forgetting or forgive is not a solution|an answer however, accepting and moving on is that the solution.

I know it’s hard and painful however trust me moving on forward in life is the best call you can make right now.

       you can live in  past
you can make present memorable.

3. Give gratitude to what you have not what you can have


gratitude is one amongst the foremost powerful words within the dictionary. thanking god what you have today is very helpful for you and its also remind you that some people on this earth haven’t got what you’ve got,

thanking God each day in the morning is the best thing begin the day with.

once you started gratitude in the morning you see the things differently than other people did not see it.

4. Start trying to self-care


next step towards overcome breakup is beginning taking care of yourself. eating right or maybe reading positive and inspirational books. begin doing those activities that benefit you in the long-term.

5. Build new you with upgrade


once you started self-care you come to understand that you simply started like exploring new hobbies and healthy habits that upgrade you to new you.once you begin the process of developing yourself you become a new version of yourself.

which life demand in each situation of the stage.

6. Don’t go back


Going back is rarely a good choice because you’re going back to exert a similar place from where I saved you. I do not know how much you love your partner however history shows us that going back is like going back to hell with a fake smile on your face.

so remind your brain and heart there are 7 billion and additional people on earth to fall for.

7. Learn the lesson


last step and most people forget that it is important to find out the lesson. if you do not learn the lesson from a past relationship you going to do the same mistake again and again and end up with the loneliness and sadness.

life can’t stop teaching you ,

you have to became a good learner.

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