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9 Travel Influencers You Must Follow For Wanderlust In 2019

need a travel inspiration? here are 9 travel influencers that offer you a dose of wanderlust that helps you to set up your vacation.
thinking not going anyplace, it’s ok you can follow them and have a virtual tour of world most amazing place then decide.

1 Alyssa Ramos

travel influencers

first one is Alyssa who is a 30-year old female travel blogger and Instagram influencer.she is extremely famous for her journey photos among individual or wanderlust who have them fantasy to travel the world.

so far she has completed the 85+ countries, 7 continent and still counting. her one among the favorite place in India.

if you are the one who wishes to adventure in life this one you must follow.

2. Christina Vidal

travel influncers

the second is a jet-set girl from California her real name is Christina Vidal.she is one of the famous travel influencers.she travel 58 countries and counting.

she is like ocean influencer most of the image is from the ocean.

if you one among the ocean lovers then this one you want to follow to have a virtual experience.

3.Kiersten rich

travel influencers

she is also from California and she is one among the famous influencers among travel her Instagram name is theblondeabroad which is quite famous. she has traveled around 70 countries and still counting.

she may be a sharing sort of a lady who likes to experience everything.

if you are the one who likes to travel the world as she. does follow her and have a virtual experience.

4.Marie Fagerstrom

travel influencers

both number 4 and 5 are a pilot girl who loves travel and share their journey images and also quite popular among youngster.

they both love nature and if you one of them then you must follow them.

5.Marie Petterson

travel influencers

6.Valerie joy Wilson

travel influencers

or trusted travel girl her both names is quite famous among solo travelers.she is from new york and a travel influencer. she completed the 7 continents, countries and still countings.

she is a nature lover so if you are a nature lover then you must follow her.

7.Altug Galip

travel influencers

thinking only female love traveling then you are probably wrong. kyrenian is one of the male travel influencers who is extremely popular among travelers.

he is from London and a professional photographer. he almost travels the globe.

if you’re the one who likes nature, new places, and amazing photos then you must have a virtual tour of his gallery.

8.Kyle Huber

travel influencers

he is also from California and he is a graphic designer and a famous travel influencer.his pictures are very amazing and quite popular among youth.

he is a bold individual who likes to explore and experience everything.

if you’re one among bold person then do follow him.

9.Lee  Abbamonte 

travel influencers

the last and most amazing one is lee Abbamonte he’s the youngest person who visits every country within the world and also traveled 192 UN states.

he additionally in the list of few people who travel the whole world plus north and south poles.

if you love traveling like me you must follow this guy.

which one travel influencers do you like? comment down below we love to hear from you.

all image source: Instagram

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