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Best Movies On Netflix To Must Watch

best movies on netflix

The worst thing about Netflix is you do not recognize what to watch at some point. let get it we also not want to ruin our watch time with no fun is the best movies on Netflix that makes you truly feel romantic, scare and lustful. all the boys I’ve loved before

best movies on netflix

if you like full of surprise romantic movie so this once for you.this movie based on a novel to all the boys I‘ve loved before by jenny han.the story is about a sixteen-year-old half Korean girls.

who have habits of writing a letter to all the boys she ever loves and has a crush on.but never send to any of them.

unfortunately, his all crushes got the letter by what she does.

2. Geralds game

best movies on netflix

if like to try kinky stuff then you should watch it .the story revolves about a couple who have off days for romance.they go to a remote place where her husband handcuffed his hand to a bed. but women feel uncomfortable and try to push his husband.

suddenly her husband gets a heart attack and died in front of her. now how she rescues herself in a remote place? 

there is no one around her what happens next watch and find out.

3. I boy

best movies on netflix

technology continually create new things.we have a tendency to a freakout. its conjointly create this movie best movies on Netflix. this story supported a boy who has controlled technology by simply thinking in his head.

the story starts with a boy is bullied by the student in his school.

an accident happens to him and everything is modified and find out what happened to the boy.

4. The kissing booth

best movies on netflix

secretly loving someone is always exciting but this once different. the story of the movie starts with a girl who is never kissed in his life and she makes a kissing booth and gets kissed by his secret crush.

who is his best friend elder she has choose between right and his heart.

5.The Babysitter

best movies on netflix

babysitter the best movies on Netflix in horror and comedy categories. the movie starts with a cute babysitter who is babysitting a turn around when the boy finds out about his babysitter that she is evil and killer.

find out how the boy saves his life.


best movies on netflix

this is actually a series I just can’t resist it because of this series have all things which make this series on this list.its has sex, drama and some action. the story is started with a couple who love each other.

but now they want more sex experience with others.wierd? I don’t think so find out the adventure of there wish.

7.No strings attached

best movies on netflix

love is always in the air. this movie revolves around a boy who dumped by his he only wants to maintain a physical relationship with girls or hookups.

but confusion arises when he and his hookup girl both fell in love.

8. You Get Me

one night stand sometimes gets worse if you are not aware. the story starts with one-night stand then a girl develop an obsession toward boys to become a part of his life.

but unfortunately, that boy gets a girlfriend. what she gonna do with it. watch and find out.


9.Maximum Ride

we all love the mutant movie where we can imagine an extra skill for us. this movie is also one of them. one science experiment which gives these people wings.

but in the second half of the movie, you see scientific try to keep them in the room but they run off.


10.Hot Bot

did you ever imagine having sex with a supermodel? but the story starts with a teenager who is very active in sexually and suddenly they get a hot robot.

Now, they want to hide it and not want to everybody knows.see and find out what are the shocking movement.

which one is your favorite movie? comment down below we love to hear from you!

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