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30 Conversation Starter That Break The Ice On Your Date

conversation starter

did you know 70% peoples have don’t know how to start a conversation on a date? this conversation starter helps you to start the conversation and break the ice between you too.


breaking the ice without putting your partner in an awkward situation is difficult because starting a conversation with a smoothness is essential for the date.

its also help you get her or him for another day and maintain things interesting between you too.

this conversation starter question provides a way to strike a good or effective conversation between you too.


  1. which people had an impact on your life and how?
  2. what is your favorite childhood memories?  describe it as much detail you remember.
  3. what do you do to get better in a mood when you are not feeling great?
  4. if you could have a plane ticket, where would you go?
  5. what is your favorite tv show while you are growing up?
  6. how you would like to spend a night?
  7. what did you do on weekends?
  8. what things are you afraid of?
  9. which is worst pickup line you ever listen?
  10. if you have a chance to rewrite a movement in your life what it would be?
  11. what is the one dream which you want to achieve?
  12. what is your goal for the upcoming year?
  13. describe your dream vacation you want to go?
  14. if you could choose your own name ? what it would be?
  15. are you a night owl or a morning person and why?
  16. do you like social media?
  17. what is the craziest thing you ever have done?
  18. describe me in 3 words?
  19. what is in your bucket list?
  20. which books do you like most?
  21. what is your favorite city?
  22. where you grew up and what special about it?
  23. which your first pet?
  24. what is the worst movement in your life and why?
  25. which are your favorite date night and what good about it?
  26. what you wear on the first date and why?
  27. how would you describe my outfit?
  28. what is a favorite thing to do when you are free?
  29. what was the movement when you laugh very harder?
  30. which is your favorite clothes and how often you wear them?

which one conversation starter question do you like most? comment down below we love to hear from you!

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