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20 College Hacks Every Student Must know

college hacks

whether you believe or not. all college student need help in each corner of life. no reason to feel awkward about it. college is hard!.here are the 20 college hacks which make your life easier in college.

College hacks for study

college hacks

1. Record Lecture

college hacks

don’t feel like to study or listen to lectures but it’s important also so you don’t want to miss it. an easy hack is open audio recorder on your phone and let it record the lectures.

listen it when you feel like to study.

2. Use highlighter/sketch pens

college hacks

this is the oldest and simple technique to remember any paragraph of your book in an easy and effective way. highlight the important word in your paragraph. so that you dont have to read whole book again on exam days.

3. Make key notes

college hacks

its come with 2 hacks.write a key point or keynotes of a chapter so that you don’t have to read the whole chapter again.

4. Study at 4 am

college hacks

early bird gets the warm that quotes are so true. did you know according to research 4 to 7 am is the best time to study because of our brain functions highly active at that time.

5. Sit in front

college hacks

I never like to sit on the front and maybe you also don’t like it because we all want to chill at last.but did you ever think why most people who sit in front are get high grades in the test?

its is not that teacher like them. is there focus or concentration on study.when you sit in front you notice your concentration level in study is incresese.

6. Speak loud for fast learning

college hacks

speak slow or at a low pitch is our habit when we read or learn something on exam days. but did you know?.if you speak louder than you can easily learn faster and better.

7. Group study

college hacks

group study is powerful because of its show you another people perspective and knowledge about the particular subject and you learn faster in the group as compare to alone.

8. Don’t awake at night before the exam

the exam is meant to consume your whole mental don’t waste it just a night before the exam.
you can revise at morning but wake up whole night is not a good option.

9. Take break

college hacks

taking a small break in studies very essential for you. it helps you to refresh your mind and body.

College hacks for life

10. Needed cook

college hacks

we are students and continuously within the hurry. the tough part is we won’t find food recipes of our ingredient. here is the website you only have to enter ingredient that you’ve got.

it shows the meal and recipes consistent with your ingredient. however, if you would like to cook something healthy and taste you’ll look into these  recipes.

11. Notes is cash

need some further cash in college? you’ll be able to sell your notes at earn money.

12. What to watch Netflix 

didn’t find what to watch on Netflix? head to this website and enter your interest and spin. they provide you something awing to watch.

13. Background youtube music

want to listen to youtube through the phone in the background of chatting. open a youtube on chrome with the desktop view and this can enable you to listen anywhere on the phone.

14. Learn new language

want to learn your school language? simply discover 100 words that are repeatedly used and you learn the 50% of the language.

15. Assignment date is pass

forget to submit the assignment on the last date and wish to submit? a straightforward hack changes the date and time of your pc and sends the assignment through e-mail.

16. More extra cash

want some cash? Sell your previous yearbook and textbooks on sites.there are a variety of websites are out there nowadays where you’ll be able to simply sell previous yearbook and textbooks.

17. Brain Hacks

having the drawback of retail new information? eat chocolates while study can help you to learn and understand quicker.

18.Feeling sleepy

exam time or study at school if you’re feeling asleep. just hold a breathe as long as you’ll be able to and slowly realize it. whooo! your asleep feeling is gonna.

19. Freezy hair

add a lemon to your hair shampoo take away or stop frizzy hair and it additionally removes dandruff from your hair.but do not overdo it.

20. Not have food

we all have midnight craving. however, if you do not find something in fridge what you eat ? easy hack take a giant glass of water and you’ve got no place for food.

which college hacks do you like most? comment down below we love to hear from you.

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