7 Best Places To Visit In The World Before You Die

best places to visit in the world

did you know? 70% people die at the same place where they born without exploring anything in the world.

the world is full of amazing place choosing from them. it’s a bit challenging for you so I do the work for you and listed 7 different location with a different experience.

these places include every wanderlust view you need from the amazing sky to deep in the ocean.

you know wondering is like experience thing which you never experience before in life.

the more you explore the more you want more.


best places to visit in the world

I know you already know this place by the picture because all the travel Instagrammer are posting it and if you are an ocean lover than its a heaven for you.

this heaven ( Maldives) located in south Asia country and its an island.

The Maldives has thousands of marine species with you can go underwater and feel the underwater magic of this world.

once you taste the magic of underwater experience you feel like never go back.

you know Maldive offers various things like you can have underwater dinner, scuba dive and also you can rent your own island.

it’s not a joke I am serious if you have enough money then you can rent the island.

6. northern lights or auroras.

best places to visit in the world

if you are a sky lover then this is the best places to visit in the world for you. once you see these northern lighting from your eyes you are never gonna leave this place.

northern lighting occurs in various places like Iceland, Alaska, Canada, Finland, Norway, and northern Sweden.

select the place whichever is near you.i sure you never that night when you see the magic of lighting.

next one is…

5.borneo jungles

The Jungles of Borneo

this one is for who like adventure fun and jungles view. this is the perfect destination for if you like a jungle. borneo jungle a famous tourist place in the world.

also famous because of the Tarzan movie various of a scene in Tarzan shot here. you find amazing view out there also an interesting place to visit in Borneo jungle.

it’s also the best places to visit in the world for a nature lover.

next is…


best places to visit in the world

bali is an Indonesian island which is the best place for the nature lover and budget traveler. it’s usually known by its ancient temples, landscapes, and sunsets.

it’s his dream come to a true place for any traveler who loves nature.

don’t think you have to see only landscapes or sunsets Bali conduct various adventures activities like paragliding and scuba diving.

you can have an amazing experience with an adventure at the same time.


best places to visit in the world

dubai is one of the best places to visit is located in the United Arab Emirates.

you already know about Dubai but did you know 85% population of Dubai is foreign. probably you don’t know it. you can say Dubai is larger than life.

dubai cover all the things which you can think or wish for. all around world people come and visit Dubai to see the amazing thing like an artificial island.

it is the best place for you to explore new things and have an amazing experience.


best places to visit in the world

porto is in Portugal has different from all place which in the list. its has amazing architecture and its also in the coastal line of Portugal. its also has the nickname which is given by travelers city of bridges.

this is the best place for who want to see amazing architecture.

when you don’t want to see the architecture you can relax on the beaches or ports.


best places to visit in the world

Rome is the best places to visit in the world. it is the number one destination for you. because its various of thing in it.

its has architecture, nature and history which very big to explain.

many travelers say that there is something in an eternal city. various people also visit because they are curious to know and some visit experience of Rome.

what are the best places to visit in the world according to you? we love to hear from you

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