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best Fitness tracker You Must Own

you are going to the gym and lifting weight and you don’t know how much calories you burn? the fitness tracker is the best answer for you.

why you need a fitness tracker?

you lifting weight and going gym daily burning calories. you don’t know how much you burn it.if you don’t know how much calories you burn how would implement your diet.

the more you know your body, the more you grow fast.

if you workout for fun then you can skip this blog and read some celebrity new. but if you are serious for a need to know what you doing and how you do.

a fitness tracker is a tracker who tracker your calories. how many steps you walk, how much sleep you get even heart rate.nowadays it’s important to know your body information.

now you understand let’s see which one fit for you.

1.xiaomi mi band 3

fitness tracker

if you are someone who features and decent tracker than this one is for you only.

its a great option for you and the best also you can check the review on youtube. its price is 30$ only.


  • heartrate tracker
  • spillproof and water
  • sleep measurement
  • alarm
  • call alert
  • arodoid and ios support

available on: and

2.misfit ray

fitness tracker

this one is more like a bracelet than the tracker. you can wear them any party or casual occasion. misfit ray is a cool fitness tracker that you can use fitness.

you can use in sleep, major alerts and other various things.


  • Step tracking
  • sleep tracking
  •  50mm water resistance
  • Six-month long battery
  • notification enable
  • android and apple support

 price $99.95

available on: and Amazon

3.misfit shine 2

fitness tracker

this one is the upgraded version of the previous one. it’s more stylish than the last one. it has a unique look like a vintage watch. 


  • Step tracking
  • Works as a clip on
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Swim tracking and 5ATM water resistance
  • Six-month battery life
  • android and ios support

price: $79.99

available on: and Amazon

exercise for build muscles endurance 

Which of this fitness-tracker you need wear training . are you going to try? Let us know below.

all image source: product respected sites.

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