6 Packing Tips Every Traveler Should know

packing is always a difficult work for the traveler.

they suffer a lot when they want to go there dream destinations.

I think I should share these packing tips with you and by the end of the blog. you can pack a lot of clothes and still have space on the bag.

wanna know let get into it…

1.packing list


seriously, yeah I know its sound like old fashion but its worth it. when you traveling somewhere.

you have some kind of idea in your mind about clothes, footwear, and gadgets.which you want to wear on a journey.

have a list full of an item that you need in your journey can help you a lot more.

its also eliminate unnecessary things and help you to easily lift the bag.

pro tips: keep the list as simple as that. check your bags before leaving your home.

2.Pack early


traveler is very stressful during the before leaving packing that creates something you forget in your home.

early packing can make your travel easier and less stressful. which help you to focus on your journey, not in your bag.

early packing also saves your time and money so be an early packer.

3. airline’s policies


airlines perform an important role in traveler life.without knowing the policies you are not able to perform upper tips.

Before you start packing, take a look at your airline’s website and read its baggage term and condition.

this is that thing you must do before buying tickets.

if you are flying on  JetBlue, which permit at least one free bag on domestic flights.

pro tips: make sure you read baggage information on flight site because they have certain size is only allowed.



Rolling your clothes is the best way to pack, its also a great option to maximize space in your bags.

through this way, You can fit every clothes in a bag. but I you fold them its occupy more space.

 5.pack your personal item

a personal item is allowed all the airlines and you can carry them with you which makes your baggageless.

6. Ratio

the 3:1 ratio is a universal way of packing and I really forget always when I am packing.

for every piece of clothes or one item, you have to wear bottoms.

through this tactic, you can look stylish and beautiful also.

pro tips: these tips use every situation and don’t overdo it.

What your favorite tactic in traveling? we love to know and comment down below !

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