5 Common Relationship Problems And How To Solve Them


want to really solve your problem or want to find which one is yours? here is 5 common relationship problem which is the causes more harm than anything else.

if you solve these issue effectively than you can have your dream relationship which you think always.

these ways make your all the relationships problems go away forever if you don’t want to lose your loved ones.

1. dealing with communication problems


we are with our partner or not but Good communication is key, to have less conflict relationship. Without good communication, misunderstanding can easily grow.

we always get angry due to the fact that their partner doesn’t listen well and forgets things.these are the common mistake in relationships which affect your relationships very badly.

there are some communicating problem examples of our relationship: Not paying attention while communicating, Conflict avoidance, Having little respect for your partner.


  • pay attention: when you talking to your partner and listen to them properly what they try to say.  look into there eyes and take time to listen to each other.
  • while you are talking to your partner don’t multitask. I usually do it and my partner thinks that I am not listing which cause a lot of fight between us.
  • respect your partner: allow your partner to talk freely to make their point. and respect their different opinions.

2. dealing with a financial problem


we both know Money rules the world, they say. it can be a big issue if this not treated well. it may be You or your partner might spend money too easily, whereas you might be too stingy.

if you are lack of finance then you are or going to face a problem with your partner. manage finance is not a bad thing you can discuss with your partner

Here are 3 common ways in which money causes relationship problem.

spending, Hiding information and Bills


  • be transparent: be transparent with your partner related to income, desire and your future purchase which you want to buy.
  • stick to a budget: it is important because you don’t want to overspend and its help you to save money more.

3.dealing with relationship trust issue


trust is the foundation on any relationship which you are gonna start with your partner its include family, friend etc. Without trust, there is not survival of the relationship.

we can have trust issues because of past relationships or any other incident. which make us to not to trust anyone. here is 3 common major factor which causes a trust problem in a relationship.

No realism, Lying and Not leaving the past the past.


  • stick to your promise: if you promise something to your partner you should do it or don’t promise it or if you can’t keep promising them to inform your partner.
  • let the past be the past: don’t project your previous bad relationship experience on a current relationship.

4.dealing with conflicts


we always try to win when we are in an argument or conflict and Having a conflict in your relationship is not a problem. I believe it is a regular thing which happens.

But if you having conflict or argument on a regular basis then it might be a problem and you have solved before it became big.

Some people in a relationship searching for negative things their relationship, others people never take any responsibility.

  • Not taking the blame. A common mistake in relationships people doing not to admit when you are wrong. It’s usually a pride thing. but trust me it has a bad effect on a relationship.
  • Bringing up irrelevant stuff. If you are having a conflict in relationship discuss everything which you had in mind.To let her know how you feel about A, B, and C, even if you are having a conflict about D.


  • take the blame: take the blame on yourself whether you are right or not .dont focus on who wins the discussion focus on how to solve it.
  •  mirror: analyze your own behavior and observe your reaction. you are also equally responsible for the conflict.

5.dealing with sexual problems


you believe or not but Sex is important in relationships. sex has a positive effect on the body. its maintain spices thing in your relationship and bring you closer to your partner.

bad sex is one the factor which can cause relationship problems, it doesn’t mean you have broken up with your partner.

sexual awareness or education can help you both a lot in the bedroom and socially also these common ways in which bad sex causes or problem (relationship problems Rush, Different desires and No time)can be solved.


  • take your time: take it easy use some foreplay to charge the mood of your partner. explore each other bodies and take time don’t go fast just enjoy the movements.
  • make time: sex and being intimate is very important for a relationship. plan your romantic nights make something out of it.

health tips which make your life better

which one problem you slove in your relationship? comment down below we love to hear from you!

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