5 Easy Exercise that Build Muscles Endurance

So, you’re doing exercise daily and you lift weight now you want to increase your muscles endurance.

we all know that a high endurance body can lead a healthy and long life. which is the best gift of exercise to us.

Here’s a quick way to get muscles endurance through exercise. let’s jump into it.



push up is one of the great and basic exercises for you to build endurance in your body.  its target your chest, arms and increase your upper body muscles.

how to do it correctly?

lying with plank position and move your hand slightly wider than a shoulder. your both should have no gap between them. now your chest down with the help of your hand and then back to starting position. this is one repetition.

the number of repetition you do the more your muscles endurance increase.

another benefit:

  • Helps Create Balance and Stability
  • Helps Build Muscle Density
  • Upper Body Definition
  • A Strong Core

next exercise makes easier for you to build endurance.



yes, you heard it right again it’s easy but different.

how to doing correctly?

lying with the same position as above straight your leg and your arms should over your head now try to lift your legs and your arms to each other with balancing the body.

now your body shape is v. now try to touch your hand with the toe. this is one repetition.

do 10 to 15 repetition.

another benefit;

  • V – Ups is an effective exercise for toning upper and lower muscles.
  • its tone your muscles and make it stay in shape.
  • This exercise strengthens your lower back muscles.
  • its also help in toning muscles of your whole body.

3. planks


plank is one of the easiest and effective exercises for core body. its burn fat, maintain abs or very effective for the hamstring.

how to do it correctly?

lying on the ground and use your forearm to lift your body from the ground and your hips should touch the ground a little bit now you feel your whole body weight on toe and forearms.

start with 3o seconds planks and go further.

another benefit;

  • A Toned Belly
  • Reduce Back Pain
  • Flexibility
  • Improve Your Balance and Posture
  • Improve Your Mood

4. Calf Raises


one of the easy exercise for you to increase endurance. and make you with the results.

how to do it correctly?

stand with your feet have some dumbbell in your hand and life your body with your heels now back to starting but not to touch group with heels. this is one repetition

start with 10 to 12 then go further

another benefit; 

  • Muscles Worked
  • Rehabilitate Achilles Tendon
  • Jump Higher

5. Bodyweight Squats exercise


you are usually doing this exercise on leg day. but most of you didn’t know that its increase your body endurance.

how to do it correctly?

stand with your feet take a barbell row behind your neck and place your both hand to get support. now pull your chest up and sit down with your glutes until your leg makes a 90-degree angle. now back to starting position. this is one repetition.

another benefit;

  • Get major definition in the legs and butt.
  • Improve posture.
  • Improve mobility in hips and ankles.
  • Strengthen and tone the core.
  • Increase strength and power.

pro tips ;

Now here’s the really good point. All of these exercises are bodyweight exercises, which means you can do them whenever and wherever.

But there is a catch. A form is everything when it comes to maximizing both muscular endurance and injury prevention.

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which one is your favorite muscles endurance exercise? comment down below we love to hear from you!

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